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Eskaton in the Market

Announcing Transformation Tuesday Gov Forum

by Demek Adams

Calling all government finance enthusiasts, professionals, leaders, and interested parties to engage in #TransformationThursday-GovFM (#NewDayInsights).

Research shows approx 65% of transformations (e.g., large, strategic initiatives; System modernizations) fail to meet their desired objectives. As stewards of funds and strategic partners across the enterprise, this success rate needs to improve. Politicians, taxpayers, residents, program managers, etc are all impacted parties in some way.

What is #NewDayInsights? It is forum where thought provoking questions will be posed on Thursday at 12noon around 4 primary pillars of transformation (#Purpose, #People, #Process, and #Performance ).

The forum is for change agents within Federal, state, and local government to share their experiences, challenges, and successes, and also stimulate dialogue related to the pillars of transformation.

After I join the forum group, when should I check in? – Every Thursday, the community will knowledge share in efforts to educate, empower and elevate the GovFM community. I will share each forum post to the #Linked community for awareness, but I received DMs requesting a focused forum for govt FM stakeholders only. 

Be on the lookout for #NewDayInsights and benefit from knowledge sharing that will elevate the impact of the GovFM community. 

#NewDayInsights #buildingabetterworkingworld

TEAM over Self

by Demek Adams

What a week, last week! Sports teaches us much about life! I was able to witness two teams take major steps towards their ultimate goal last week! As a faithful, it was great to witness my San Francisco 49ers advance to the Super Bowl, crowned as the NFC champions on Sunday. In the same week, I witnessed the California State Controller’s Office leadership TEAM solidify their path forward! 

Both experiences were rewarding for different reasons! A couple things were reinforced last week:
1. Team over self – it is a value that is consistent in all championship teams
2. Excellence is a choice – takes effort and commitment. Setting a goal is easy, the effort to achieve is hard.