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We are experts in scaling and growth, highly skilled at making all the necessary investments to build the infrastructure so that our partners can take advantage of market opportunities.

Our partnerships are defined by transparency, stewardship, agility and decisive action, as well as economic alignment. Our ideal partners are self aware businesses that aspire for growth but need expertise beyond their capacity.

Good Gets
Even Better

Your business is your life’s work. Helping great businesses become even better is our business. Together we will unlock the full potential of your business. We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be nurtured through example. Who better to understand the entrepreneurial dream than peers who are time tested and results-oriented in our journey with it.


Authentic Culture
Purpose Agility
Decisive Action

Eskaton was founded on the core values of being authentic, fearless, team-oriented, trustworthy, and uncharacteristically nimble on matters that historically are made complex — ideals that provide a foundation for our strong relationships. A good steward of what the founder created is our highest priority.

Two of the most over used words in the consulting space are “partner” and “trust”. As a successful business, you’ll get your fair share of hearing both, but what do they really mean as it applies to care taking and scaling your business? For Eskaton, it means being mission grounded and transparent with minimal surprises. It means integrity, not just when signing the agreement papers but especially in the difficult moments that will challenge the very essence of all your sleepless nights in growing your business. Fearlessly telling hard truths when they’re needed and always listening first is in our DNA, understanding that your business is more than a product or service with a balance sheet, it’s a team, an established culture, an idea courageously manifested, an employer and the pride of countless families, vendors, suppliers and consumers.

How we get there is as important as the end result, our journey together is one of unwavering ethics and collaboration. Less the end of what you’ve tirelessly established as an entrepreneur and more simply the dawn of a new day...