Sales & Marketing

Many founder-owned companies have underinvested in the sales and marketing function. Often the founder may have developed and maintained key customer relationships, making it difficult to scale. We believe that founders recognize the opportunity for sales and marketing investment but may not have had the risk tolerance or capital to unilaterally make these substantial investments.

Human Capital

Retention of existing management through appropriate incentives, as well as recruitment of new, talented executives, is paramount for successful growth companies. We have extensive experience evaluating, recruiting, and retaining top talent, while preserving and nurturing the culture that contributed to the company’s historical success.


Keeping up with technology investments is complicated for lower middle-market businesses. Robust systems are necessary for efficient scalability. We have also found that timely access to accurate information leads to better decision-making and improved profitability. Our network of technology-focused resources possesses vast experience in the selection and implementation of numerous technology systems that help position companies to grow.


Fast-growing businesses generally have difficulty keeping up with infrastructure investments. Quality, efficiency, and scalability can all be enhanced by strategic investments in plant and equipment. We have a financial framework and the discipline to make these substantial investments, providing the thought partnership and risk capital necessary to mitigate capacity constraints and enable growth.