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We are experts in scaling and growth, highly skilled at making all the necessary investments to build the infrastructure so that our partners can take advantage of market opportunities.

Our partnerships are defined by transparency, stewardship, agility and decisive action, as well as economic alignment. Our ideal partners are self aware businesses that aspire for growth but need expertise beyond their capacity.

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Scaling Criteria of Prospect Enterprises

Eskaton’s signature “S.C.O.P.E.” (Scaling Criteria of Prospect Enterprises) assessment is an analytic framework for managing downside risk and fully realizing upside possibility. SCOPE serves as a set of guidelines for portfolio company leaders and their Eskaton collaborators that support the creation of truly custom and disruptive solutions for growth.

SCOPE begins with a strategic assessment. This deep dive generates an in-depth analysis of the the state of the industry. Next, there is an internal review of how well the company’s product/service suite matches marketplace realities, and of operational and personnel concerns. Lastly, a strategy emerges and becomes an action plan that informs established initiatives, employee incentives and measurable targets are put in place. Scope works to align individuals, company goals and performance.