You had the vision, took the leap, and sacrificed much in realizing what was once an idea. You’ve grown a unique business bolstered by a distinct culture with a team that has brought into that vision and will run thru a wall to defend it, but now you seek support in seeing your baby grow to its full potential, thus, the dawn of a new way, Eskaton. Our team brings experience and relatability to every partnership. With an understanding of your catalyst for starting the business thru expectations of future potential, we work with you to unlock unimaginable success.

As operators ourselves, we’ve been in several different companies that can add value from supply chain to contract procurement and brand building. When you partner with Eskaton, you add an experienced and knowledgeable team of trusted and collaborative advisors.

We align interest and foster decision making between operators and Eskaton. Through minority or controlled equity ownership agreements, we help ensure meaningful value creation in our companies.